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The manuscripts of scientific and technical articles received by the editors of the Collection undergo a review process.

1. The author’s manuscript of scientific and technical character after checking for plagiarism is sent according to the profile of research or topics discussed in the manuscript of issues for review by the member of the Editorial Boar or experts who are recognized scientists and experts in this field (Dr., PhD), who have publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles issued during the last three years.

2. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts are the private property of the authors and the related information is not the subject to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to copy manuscripts for their needs.

3. The review is confidential. The review is considered closed and is given to the author if necessary without the signature and the name, position and affiliation of the reviewer.

4. Breach of confidentiality is possible only in the case of the reviewer's statements about the unreliability or falsification of the materials described in the manuscript.

5. If in reviewing the manuscript If there is an indication of the necessity of making corrections in the reviewed manuscript, it is sent to the author for revision. In this case the date of submission shall be the date of return of the revised manuscript.

6. In case of disagreement with the reviewer's opinion the author of the manuscript has the right to provide a reasoned response to the Editorial Board. The manuscript may be sent for additional review or to the Board of Editors.

7. The decision on publication after reviewing is made by the Editor –in Chief (Deputy Editor), and, if required, by the Board.

8. The Editorial Board informs the author about the decision upon request. The Editorial Board sends a reasoned refusal the author of the manuscript which is not accepted for publication on request.

9. The following papers are not reviewed:

• articles of members of Academies of Sciences, if the member of the Academy is the only or the first author of the publication;

• informational, promotional, image articles, messages and ads.

10. Reviews are kept in the office for 5 years.

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